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Ultrasonic Cleaner Transducer for Industry Ultrasonic Cleaning, 40khz 60w

Just like our 28khz60w type transducer, the 40khz60w type ultrasonic cleaner transducer is also used to carry out electric energy and sound energy transduction in industrial cleaning applications by means of piezoelectric effect. This energy converter is composed of radiation head, electrode, metal cap, pre-stressed bolt, piezoelectric chip and an insulating tube. It is widely used for ultrasonic cleaning equipment and industrial large power cleaners.

1. High Transduction Efficiency
The ultrasonic cleaner transducer comes with high mechanical Q factor. Its electric-acoustic transduction efficiency is up to above 95%.

2. Strong Amplitude
A vibrator with high vibration velocity is fixed on the industrial cleaning transducer This enables at least 50% amplitude increase over magnetostriction vibrator.

3. Great Heat Resistance
The ultrasound transceiver comes with a wide range of working temperature. Due to low resonant impedance, it can work continuously with less heat productivity.

4. Easy Mounting
The ultrasonic transducer is fastened by bolts. So, mounting of the ultrasonic cleaner part becomes quite easy.

Naming Methods

1. P: Aluminum block electrode in the piezoelectric chip
2. L: Upper and lower housings are total aluminum
3. A: No-screw hole
4. B: Screw hole
5. Z: Cylindrical radiation head
6. L: Horn-shaped radiation head
7. D: Inverted horn shaped radiation head
8. Resonance frequency
9. D: Double piezoceramics
10. F: Four piezoceramics
11. S: Single piezoceramics
12. L: Six piezoceramics
13. Diameter of piezoceramics (mm)
14. Diameter of radiating surface (mm)
15. Chengcheng WeiYe

1. Pre-stressed bolt
2. Cap
3. Electrode
4. Radiation head
5. Horn-shaped Transducer (LB)
6. Pre-stressed bolt

7. Nut
8. Cap
9. Electrode
10. Piezoelectric chip
11. Radiation head
12. Cylindrical Transducer (ZB)

Specifications of 40khz60w Ultrasonic Cleaner Transducer
Type Length (mm) Weigh
Frequency (KHz) Resonance Impedance(Ω) Static Capacity(pF)±10% Input Power (W)
CCH-4838D-40ZBPZT-4 56 310 40 10-20 5400 60
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