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Ultrasonic Cleaner Transducer, Dual Frequency 25/40khz 60w

The dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner transducer works at a frequency of 25 kHz or 40 kHz and is capable of a continuous power output of 60 Watts. It is a piezoelectric transducer using piezoelectric effect to realize transduction between electric and sound energy. This specially designed high frequency transducer consists of a radiation head, electrode, metal cap, pre-stressed bolt, piezoelectric chip and an insulating tube.

Competitive Advantages
1. High efficiency: The ultrasonic cleaner transducer with dual frequency has high mechanical Q factor, making sure that its transduction efficiency reaches as high as over 95%.
2. Large amplitude: high vibration velocity of the piezoelectric vibrator enables an over 50% increase of amplitude as compared with magnetostriction vibrator.
3. Outstanding heat resistance: wide service temperature, low resonance impedance,
4. Easy mounting: fastened by bolts, the ultrasonic cleaner component is easy to be mounted.

Our dual efficiency ultrasonic cleaner transducer is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machines and high-power industrial cleaning equipment.

Naming Methods

1. P: Aluminum block electrode in the piezoelectric chip
2. L: Upper and lower housings are total aluminum
3. A: No-screw hole
4. B: Screw hole
5. Z: Cylindrical radiation head
6. L: Horn-shaped radiation head
7. D: Inverted horn shaped radiation head
8. Resonance frequency
9. D: Double piezoceramics
10. F: Four piezoceramics
11. S: Single piezoceramics
12. L: Six piezoceramics
13. Diameter of piezoceramics (mm)
14. Diameter of radiating surface (mm)
15. Chengcheng WeiYe

1. Pre-stressed bolt
2. Cap
3. Electrode
4. Radiation head
5. Horn-shaped Transducer (LB)
6. Pre-stressed bolt

7. Nut
8. Cap
9. Electrode
10. Piezoelectric chip
11. Radiation head
12. Cylindrical Transducer (ZB)

Specifications of 25/40kHz 60w Ultrasonic Cleaner Transducer
Type Length (mm) Weigh
Frequency (KHz) Resonance Impedance (Ω) Static Capacity (pF)±10% Input Power (W)
CCH-6438D-25(40)LBPZT-8 65 442 25/40 10-20 3800 60
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