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Ultrasonic Transducer for Vibration Screen

CHENGCHENG WEIYE provides vibration screen manufacturers with top-quality ultrasonic transducer for vibration screen, boasting high screening efficiency and cleaning efficiency. The ultrasonic transducer is especially suitable for clients producing high value-added fine powder in that traditional mechanical vibration is upgraded and replaced with ultrasonic vibration, leading to more delicate, uniform and efficient screening, ideal for screening fine powder. The ultrasonic vibration waves (mechanical waves) attached to the screen mesh greatly accelerate superfine powder so as to avoid adhesion, friction, leveling, wedging and other mesh clogging factors.

In general, the screening rate of ultrasonic vibration screen will increase by 50% to 400% in comparison to the traditional vibration screen. The fine powder screening equipment equipped with the ultrasonic transducer achieves high screening efficiency and performance by reducing high-density metal retention and wedging at screen mesh, and decreasing electrostatic powder adhesion. We are able to offer external ultrasonic transducer for vibration screen, internal ultrasonic transducer for vibration screen, ultrasonic equipment components and vibration screen components.

1. Short time or even no time needed for clearing screen
2. No pollution to powder caused by bouncing ball or other aid powders.
3. Mesh size keeps the same, so does the screening precision.
4. The ultrasonic transducer for vibration screen can effectively decompose adhesion substances and reduce materials on mesh.
5. It significantly reduces screening times.

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