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Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer

Ultrasonic atomizing equipment installed with ultrasonic atomizing transducer is extensively applied for air humidity conditioning at home, shop and hotel, dedusting and oil atomizing at factory, respiratory disease treatment at hospital and atomizing effect decoration in decorating industry, etc. With the rapid technological advancement, it will be applied in many more industries and fields.

Since ultrasonic atomizing transducer is the core ultrasonic atomizer component, CHENGCHENG WEIYE has invested a lot of time and money in the research on atomizing volume and service life of super-electrode ultrasonic atomizing transducer. Finally, we successfully develop the state-of-the-art ultrasonic atomizing transducer with a big atomizing volume and more than 3000h service life.

The ultrasonic transducer features low resonant impedance, high mechanical Q factor and low dissipation, perfectly suitable for ultrasonic atomization. It is also worth mentioning that it can remain excellent service life even at terrible working environment.

We are able to supply all kinds of ultrasonic atomizing transducers, like atomizing transducer for humidifier, microporous atomizing transducer and so on, which are applicable for ultrasonic atomizing system, energy conversion equipment, active sensor, etc.

Technical Parameters of Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer

Model Return circuit input voltage (V) Resonant frequency (KHz) Resonant impedance (Ω) Static capacitance (PF) Atomizing volume (ML/H) Service life (H)
CC20-17 AC24-48 1700±50 ≤1.2 1700±10% ≥400 ≥3000
CC20-23 AC20-24 1700±50 ≤1.2 1900±10% ≥350 ≥3000
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