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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

The ultrasonic distance sensor with high sensitivity and great reliability excels even in terrible working environment like high temperature, high humility, high vibration and so on, ensuring high safety for your equipment. Based on the feature that ultrasonic wave can penetrate solid and liquid bodies and generates reflection echo once it impacts any object, ultrasonic testing is widely applied in industry, national defense, biomedicine, etc.

Our ultrasonic distance sensor is well applicable in the following fields:
1. Ultrasonic distance measurement, car reversing anti-collision system
2. Remote controller for home appliance and other electronic devices
3. Ultrasonic transmitting and receiving unit for anti-theft and fireproof equipment

The ultrasonic sensor is often used as distance detector, ultrasonic sensor for anti-theft system, ultrasonic sensor for anticollision radar, industrial ultrasonic sensor, civilian ultrasonic sensor, ultrasonic liquid level sensor, etc. Please contact us if you are interested to know more.

Technical Parameters of Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Sensitivity (dB) Sound pressure level (dB) Resonant impedance (Ω) Capacitance (PF) Operating temperature(°C) Storage temperature (°C)
≥70 ≥108 600± 2000±20% -20 to +75 -40 to +80
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