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Ultrasonic Generator (Automatic Frequency Control)

In line with the global ultrasonic industry and with over ten years of experience in studying and using ultrasonic products, Chengcheng has developed a special generator for the ultrasonic cleaners. The ultrasonic generator adopts state-of-the-art microcomputer control techniques and brand-new ideas in circuit design. It has achieved automatic frequency control and is widely used in the ultrasonic cleaning industry.

Features of the Ultrasonic Generator
1. Control box of the ultrasonic generator employs microcomputer controlled direct digital frequency synthesis technology (DDS), which enables automatic frequency tracking and sweeping. Automatic frequency tracking will optimize output matching, strengthen power and improve efficiency.
2. Due to the unique frequency-sweeping operating pattern, the cleaning solution can form a fine stream of refluence, cleaning off the dirty uncovered by ultrasonic waves from working piece surface and thereby achieving faster and more thorough cleaning effect and improving the ultrasonic cleaning efficiency.
3. The digital ultrasonic power is continuously adjustable, so the ultrasonic equipment is more flexible in use, with stronger power and higher efficiency.
4. The ultrasonic cleaning component comes with complete protection functions including overheating protection and over-current protection. This ensures higher reliability in working.
5. Our ultrasonic generator is designed with a 4-digit timer that enables more accurate time control and thereby ensures your work quality.
6. As required, the working condition and frequency can be shown through a display on the ultrasound generator
7. External control interface makes it convenient to connect other control devices.
8. The complete appliance is based on a building block design.
9. With a computer fault location and display system, its operation and maintenance are more convenient.

Key Technical Indexes
Power Rating 600W 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W 2000W
Working Current 2.5A 3.5A 4.5A 5-5.5A 6-6.5A 6.5-7A

Notice: the ultrasonic generator should not be operated for long time at the current higher than the rated value.

Environment temperature: 0-40C°
Relative humidity: 40%-90%
Working frequency: 28 kHz (40 kHz, 80 kHz, 135 kHz) 5%
Time control: 0~59'59''
Range of power control: 0~100%, Digital control and adjustment of 16 grades
Internal over temperature protection: 65C°
Outer size: H × W × L = 160× 360 × 500 (mm) (1500W) (above 1500W)
H × W × L = 160 × 360 × 300 (mm) (1200W) (below 1200W)

Technical Parameters of the Ultrasonic Generator
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
CCWY—300W 300 28--40
CCWY—600W 600 28--40
CCWY—900W 900 28--40
CCWY—1200W 1200 28--40
CCWY—1500W 1500 28--40
CCWY—1800W 1800 28--40
CCWY ---2400W 2400 28-40
High Frequency 500W-1200W 65-80
High Frequency 500W-1200W 120-135
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