Ultrasonic Reactor

Features of the Ultrasonic Reactor
1. Since cavitation is generated around the rod, ultrasonic energy will be uniformly distributed in the tank and thereby achieving the optimal cleaning effect.
2. Power output of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment is even and stable, not affected by liquid level, tank capacity, temperature difference, etc.
3. Thanks to its unique structure, the high power ultrasonic transducer has found wider application than conventional ultrasonic vibration plate, and is perfect for vacuum cleaning and for chemical processing as well.
4. It comes with longer service life than the traditional ultrasonic vibration plate. It is over 1.5 times longer.
5. Tubular shape makes it possible to install anywhere in the tank.
6. The ultrasonic reactor is perfectly sealed and offers great water tightness.

Our ultrasonic reactors are widely used in ultrasonic cleaning, biochemistry, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
In biochemistry industry, the tubular ultrasonic equipment can be used for various purposes to improve production capacity, including emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, catalytic reaction, etc.
In food industry, the ultrasonic reactor plays an important role in the even stirring of homogenates.
In chemical industry, it is suitable for cleaning pipeline, tanks and kettles. The catalytic effect of ultrasonic is quite astonishing during refinement of biodiesel from waste grease and palm oil, with efficiency improved by more than 10 times. Therefore, it will find strikingly extensive applications in the petrochemical industry.

Specifications of the Ultrasonic Reactor
Ultrasonic reactor model Ultrasonic transducer model Frequency (KHz) Max. Output (W) Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Static Capacity (pF±10%)
CC-2 CC-52 15-28 1100 620 Φ50-55 68000
CC-3 CC-43 15-28 1200 790 Φ50-55 68000
CC-4 CC-34 15-28 1300 957 Φ50-55 68000
CC-5 CC-25 15-28 1500 1123 Φ50-55 68000
CC-6 CC-16 15-28 2000 1300 Φ50-55 132000
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