Tubular Transducer

Features of the Tubular Transducer
1. Owing to cavitation generated by ultrasonic around the rod, the ultrasonic power will be uniformly distributed in the tank. This ensures the optimal cleaning effect.
2. The tubular ultrasonic sensor comes with a stable and uniform power output that is not affected by liquid level, tank capacity, temperature difference, and other changes.
3. With a unique structure, the high power ultrasonic cleaning transducer boasts wider applications than conventional ultrasonic vibration plates. It is ideal for vacuum cleaning as well as chemical processing.
4. Over 1.5 times longer service life than traditional ultrasonic vibration plate
5. Thanks to tubular shape, this industrial cleaning equipment can be installed anywhere in the tank.
6. Perfectly sealed structure ensures great water tightness.

Our tubular transducers are widely used in the ultrasonic cleaning fields and in biochemistry, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

1. Biochemistry industry: For improvement of production capacity in emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, catalytic reaction, and other processes;
2. Food processing: Incomparable in even mixing of homogenates;
3. In chemical and petrochemical industry: Cleaning pipeline, tanks and kettles; amazing catalytic effect of ultrasonic in refining biodiesel from waste grease and palm oil.

Specifications of the Tubular Transducer
Ultrasonic reactor model Ultrasonic transducer model Frequency (KHz) Max. Output (W) Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Static Capacity (pF±10%)
TB26-5 TB26-45L2-458 25-27 1000 458 Φ73 68000
TB26-4 TB26-45L2-624 25-27 1100 624 Φ73 68000
TB26-3 TB26-45L2-790 25-27 1200 790 Φ73 68000
TB26-2 TB26-45L2-957 25-27 1300 957 Φ73 68000
TB26-1 TB26-45L2-1123 25-27 1500 1123 Φ73 68000
TB26-5-2 TB26-45L4-910 25-27 2000 910 Φ73 132000

Competitive Advantage
1. High efficiency
2. Strong amplitude
3. Remarkable heat resistance
4. Easy mounting

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