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Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

CHENGCHENG WEIYE is glad to provide the leading-edge ultrasonic cell disruptor with high amplitude and great capacity of long-time continuous working for cell biology study. The multi-function ultrasonic disruptor boasts the great ability to configure emulsoid with the size of 1% of one micron and homogenize "mmiscible" mixed liquor. The ultrasonic cell disruptor is ideal for extracting, disrupting, emulsifying and homogenizing suspension liquid and aerosol, speeding up desolventizing and crystallization, and configuring various biological samples under electronic microscope, etc.

Also, the laboratory ultrasonic disrupter is the best choice for accelerating reaction speed in chemistry, biology and physics, and speeding up degassing of liquid, and it is applicable for disrupting all kinds of animal cells, plant cells, germs, spores, tissues and dispersing rare earths and various inorganic mineral powders. So, it is often used as biochemistry equipment, biopharmaceutical equipment, biological laboratory apparatus, industrial manufacturing equipment, etc.

Please notice that there may be some noises when the ultrasonic cell crusher is in operation.

Technical Parameters of Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

Model Output power (W)
CCWY-150W 150
CCWY-250W 250
CCWY-500W 500
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