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Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer

CHENGCHENG WEIYE would like to present you the latest ultrasonic impedance analyzer to assist you in measuring specifications and testing performance of a variety of apparatus and equipment. The ultrasonic impedance analyzer is usually used to test transducer, equivalent to HP 4294A precision analyzer, and it incorporates memory and storage functions, applicable for testing frequency, impedance and mechanical Q factor of transducer.

Features of Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer
1. With the help of the ultrasonic transducer detector, ultrasonic welding equipment's condition can be easily tested by analyzing related specifications and graphs.
2. Ultrasonic cleaner requires the performances of vibrators keep as close as possible, and the transducer impedance analyzer can help conduct impedance analysis and measurement during the whole process of transducer and ultrasonic cleaner production.
3. The ultrasonic frequency impedance analyzer is also able to demarcate resonant impedance and static capacitance of ultrasonic cleaning equipment so as to better match ultrasonic generator. Besides, the multi-function detector is able to analyze its new resonance points, impedance, capacitance and vibration modal properties after the cleaning tank is full of water.

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