Ultrasonic Cleaning Accessories

    1. Ultrasonic Activity MeterDBSonics series ultrasonic activity meter is a measuring instrument used to measure ultrasonic intensity (sound pressure) which is generated by ultrasonic cleaner.
    1. Impedance AnalyzerThe ultrasonic impedance analyzer is usually used to test transducer, equivalent to HP 4294A precision analyzer, and it incorporates memory and storage functions, applicable for testing frequency, impedance and mechanical Q factor of transducer.

In addition to all kinds of transducers with complete sizes, stable performance and high conversion efficiency, as well as top quality ultrasonic equipment applicable for a variety of industries, quality ultrasonic cleaning accessories, like ultrasonic activity meter and impedance analyzer, are also available here.

The ultrasonic activity meter is convenient for measurement, memory and storage, and the useful transducer detector--- impedance analyzer is well suitable for measuring specifications and testing performance of a variety of apparatus and equipment. If you want to know more about ultrasonic products and services, please contact us at any time, and we are always at your service!