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As is known, ultrasonic transducer converts input electric power into output mechanical power (ultrasound).The first factor that should be taken into consideration is optimum match with input port and output port, and then followed by mechanical fitting. Therefore, to select best ultrasonic transducers, clients must submit accurate and reliable indicators to us so that we can offer the best transducer well matched with your equipment to achieve optimal performance.

1. Resonant Frequency (Symbol: F, Unit: KHz)
Different matching circuits lead to different frequencies, so resonant frequency should not be an indicator for selecting transducer.

2. Transducer Capacitance (Symbol: CT, Unit: PF)
Transducer capacitance is an important indicator of transducer. In general, it can be measured with a capacitance bridge at 400Hz-1000Hz or with a HP4192 impedance analyzer.

3. Transducer Type and Maximum Power
For various applications or purposes, different clients may have different stipulations on nominal power, so the nominal power of the same transducer applied on different equipment varies. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, clients should specify the structure type of transducer and the diameter and number of piezoelectric ceramic wafers.

4. Transducer Operating Mode
For different processing methods and requirements, transducer is operated in two modes namely pulse mode and continuous mode. Different operating modes require different transducers. In general, continuous operating mode barely has dwell time, but current is not big; pulse operating mode is intermittent with intervals, but instantaneous current is very big. On average, powers in the two modes are very big.

5. Installation and Fitting
We would like to know booster's material, surface treatment, shape; connecting thread between transducer and booster; connecting thread between booster and mould; booster ring flange's diameter, thickness, gap number and position or screw hole number and position.

6. Order Cycle Time
Order cycle time can be arranged according to your requirements. If you have special requirements for particular products, we will design, test and produce sample products as soon as possible.